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Breckenridge Ski Resort Invites You to Awaken Your Sixth Sense

The 2013/14 ski season is almost underway and Peak 6 is finally here. With 543 new acres of skiable terrain to look forward to in the coming winter season, snow enthusiasts everywhere are getting excited. Breckenridge Ski Resort’s Peak 6 terrain project is allegedly the largest ski resort expansion in North America in over a decade. Including 400 acres of lift-served terrain and 143 acres of hike-to terrain, the expansion project represents a 23% increase in the resort’s skiable area.

With the addition of Peak 6, Breckenridge Ski Resort will now have a total of five huge peaks, 2,901 skiable acres, four terrain parks, 11 bowls, a 22ft Superpipe, and the highest chairlift in North America.

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Snowboarding Beginner’s Guide [Infographic]

Breckenridge has been welcoming precipitation for months and the great American West is bracing itself for what everyone predicts will be an epic ski season. If you’re new to the game, have friends/children who are, or want to mentally re-experience the beautiful nostalgia of your early days, here is an infographic on the basics of snowboarding, snowboard anatomy, and fun tidbits from around the industry. Remember, Breckenridge Ski Resort’s opening day is November 8th, 2013. Check out our skiing and snowboarding in Breckenridge page for more information on ticket purchases, equipment rentals, and lessons. Don’t forget to mention that you’re staying at the corral to receive the best deals from local merchants!

Beginners Guide To Snowboarding

by linchpinseo.
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Explore Peak 9 Road at Breckenridge Ski Resort

Things to Do in Breckenridge Ski Resort

Of the far too many things to do in Breckenridge, Colorado maneuvering my Subaru Forrester up the rocky slopes of the resort’s (or the White River National Forest’s) Peak 9 Road (see map below or scroll down to the bottom of the page for an interactive Bing map) is one of my favorites. Closed for Ski season during winter and early spring, the road, also known as the East Ridge, is accessible by car in the summer months when it is littered with red, yellow and purple wildflowers, which seem to bloom up the mountain as the snow melts at higher elevations. Using a vehicle with four-wheel drive (4WD) is optimal, but not necessary for access to lower parts of the road. As you ascend higher up the mountain, however, you’ll want both adequate clearance and 4WD.

Peak 9 Road Breckenridge Ski Resort Map

To get here from the base Breckenridge Ski Resort’s gondola on North Park Avenue, head south on North Park, which will turn into South Park Avenue. Turn right onto Village Road and drive for 0.2 miles until you hit the parking lot just before the Beaver Run Resort and Conference Center. Turn left into the parking lot, head straight across towards the only dirt road in sight and turn right onto County Road (CR) 751 (aka Peak 9 Road), which leads to the top of the Peak 9 section of the ski resort. After 0.5 notice a gated road on the right, but keep left. When you hit the stables, stay to the right. Near 3.0 miles, go under a lift and stay on the main road to pass the Peak 9 Restaurant. Continue up to the highest lifts near 3.6 miles to reach the trailhead. Beyond this point, the road becomes more treacherous, requiring 4WD.

Breckenridge Colorado Photos Peak 9

The second highest of the numbered peaks in the Tenmile Range, Peak 9 is the first in the range to reach the 13,000 foot mark. The remainder of the range ascends swiftly through several towering 13ers and the 14er Quandary Peak.

Peak 10 Breckenridge Ski Resort Photos

With 4WD you can follow CR 751 to Peak 10, where at approximately 13,200 feet you will arrive at a large radio antenna array located on the lower part of the ridge. From the end of the road near the radio antennae, you can follow the remaining 400 feet of east ridge to the summit. Peak 10 is the last and tallest of the Tenmile Range’s numbered mountains and is Colorado’s 178th tallest mountain. To the South, Peak 10 offers incredible views of the rest of the Tenmile Range and the Mosquito Range, as well as views of the Gore Range to the North and the Front Range to the East.

Things to do in Breckenridge Colorado in Summer

Whether you’re hiking or driving, remember to prepare yourself for variable weather and high elevation conditions. Be sure to consult a map, check the weather, bring a raincoat, and pack plenty of water. For more details on staying safe in the Breckenridge outdoors check out 10 Survival Tips to Help Keep You from Meeting an Untimely End in the American West.

Breckenridge Ski Resort Summer Activities

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